Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Kinds of Things that Make My Day

Laughter:  Monday night I was putting together all the things I needed to be ready for the morning.  Clothes were  ready.  Lunch was ready.  Running gear was ready.  Phone was charging.  I said, "What am I going to wish I had tomorrow morning?"  Without missing a beat, Spencer said, "More sleep."

Friends:  I had a meeting yesterday on my friend's floor, so I stopped to visit with Karleen.  Carol joined us, and we spent 15 minutes visiting and expressing love and laughing.  Best 15 minutes of the day...  Until Karleen had to come to MY floor, so she stopped to visit with me.  Two visits with my amazing and lovely friend in one day--plus Carol.  Glorious!

Teacher's Pet:  Dave just came to my desk with an apple and three pears from his trees, announcing, "An apple for the teacher!"  I love the fruit.  Even more, I love the friendship.

Autumn:  It is darned cold in the mornings, but I love watching the leaves fall from the trees.  It's just therapeutic to watch each individual leaf float down, until the ground is strewn with yellow, orange, or red.  You should stop and watch the leaves.


Coles Fam said...

Just popping in to say my kids like your music list. We have to leave your blog up sometimes to let them sing and dance. :)