Monday, October 10, 2011

Sharing a Memory...Taylor

In 1998, Disney released a new movie, "Mulan."  Disney movies have always been a need.  We did not forego seeing a Disney movie with our family for anything.

In 1998, Taylor was 5 years old.  He sat cross-legged on the movie theatre chairs in the old Reel Theatre in Magna. 

At about the halfway point in the movie, the Chinese army learns that Ping is actually Mulan, a woman, and they abandon her in the snow.  As they marched away, 5-year-old Taylor blurted out, "Rude!"

We love Mulan, and we watch it often at home.  There are many parts that are funny.  But nothing is as awesome as a cross-legged five-year-old blurting out, "Rude!"


Rants and Rambles said...

It is sad to think that the theater where this took place is now closed and Magna will not have a theater any more. I wonder if they built a new one if it would be profitable?

Courtney said...

haha. i love this story.

Coles Fam said...

I love all these posts of memories. And I can just imagine little five year old Taylor doing that. :)