Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Step One...Suzie Said So

...You must go to "Suzie Said So," where I am today's guest blogger.  I feel so important now.  :)

This is where I ramble for a minute, because you are not allowed to read further until you've visited Suzie.  It's not a chore, I promise.  Suzie is beautiful, talented, happy, and all-around wonderful.  So if you get stuck on her blog reading all of her charming posts, don't forget to come back.  I really want you to come back.

However, I don't want you to continue reading this post till you've gone and come back.

No cheating!  You have to go there first or you will ruin all the fun, you Fun-Sucker (another bonus)!

Step Two:  Check your answers

1.  Aladdin
2.  Pretty Woman -- Yes, I admit it.  I've seen it.  Unedited.
3.  Meet the Robinsons --  Another admission:  I've never seen this movie all the way through.  The trailer is quotable, though!
4.  Better Off Dead -- Totally dating myself with this one.  But, wait.  You've seen my picture.  You already know I'm old.
5.  The Incredibles
6.  The American President
7.  The Little Mermaid
8.  Sleepless In Seattle -- Still my favorite movie of all time.
9.  Aladdin and the King of Thieves --  It's been years since I saw this movie, but "Thor" has brought it back to life at our house
10.  While You Were Sleeping
11.  Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
12.  Cars
13.  Sense and Sensibility
14.  Toy Story
15.  A Walk to Remember
16.  Mulan
17.  Apollo 13
18.  Finding Nemo
19.  The Princess Bride
20.  The Emporer's New Groove

Bonus:  17 Again
Another Bonus:  Freaky Friday

Step Three:  Leave a comment and post your scores. 

There are 20 points possible.  16+ is an A, and you can join our family.  Unless you don't want to be called "pathetic."  Whatever.

12-15 is a B, and you can come visit us any time.  But bring your own popcorn.

8-11 is a C.  You can visit, too, but we might send you running with Spencer.

4-7 is a D.  This is the one where you get lectured by Mom (that's me).

<3 is an EPIC (pun intended) fail.  But I still love you.

I hope you had fun, and I hope you'll join me for random fun again very soon!


Amy said...

:D I am confident that if I heard you say these outloud my score would have been significantly better. I got a C, but pregnant ladies are exempt from Spencer's madness right? Please say yes. I'll bring popcorn.

Courtney said...

i guess i have to get lectured by mom {you}. feel free any time.
in other news: better off dead is one of my all time favorite movies. "it has rasins in it, you like rasins." so quoteable, so good.

Briana said...
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Briana said...

17! Go Mme! (Good thing I am already part of this family!)