Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sharing a Memory -- Haircuts

Unfortunately, this subject is fresh on my mind.

Once upon a time I wanted layers added to my long hair, but I had no money.  So I asked someone to help me out.  She had cut hair before.  Apparently that was in the 1960's, because what I got was a terrible Florence Henderson-Brady Bunch/Goldie Hawn-Laugh In look.  It was awful!  Spencer cut another 3 inches off the bottom, and suddenly I had short hair.  Worst haircut ever.  Lessons learned:  You get what you pay for, I don't look too bad with short hair, and babies don't put short hair in their mouths.

My second worst haircut happened on Friday.  This time I paid for it, which ticks me off.  Spencer had to fix it again.  (Maybe we could send him to cosmetology school next...)  That was AFTER I made her re-do my bangs and she said, "What?  You want both sides to match?"  Not funny.

Chelsea!  Come back!  I need you!


Jacqueline said...

I've only had one haircut that was bad enough to cry about and I was pregnant. lol. So sorry! I love you! And, I really like the idea of sending Uncle Spence to cosmotology school ;)