Monday, May 28, 2012

A Day of Gratitude

Today I'm grateful:
1. That we slept in
2. That we had milk in the refrigerator
3. That Subway is close
4. That the whole family could spend a day together (except Bri, of course, but she is honorably excused)
5. That we had the perfect weather
6. That we got to go to Lagoon
7. That we have nice, reliable carS
8. For sunscreen
9. For Icees
10. For sunglasses
11. For crockpots and meals ready to go to work with me this week
13. For many really nice people

Most of all, I am so grateful for the people who have served our country.  They are all heroes.  When I have days like this, I think how marvelous it is that we have freedom and opportunity to work, to travel, to do as we please.  Thank you, Veterans, for your service and your sacrifice.  I'm sure I take it for granted far too often, but I truly am grateful.



Courtney said...

fun! i love lagoon. great post.