Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Since No One Is Really Reading Anyway

I was reading a post about keeping marriages happy through laughter, and I decided to share a couple of funnies that Spencer has said.  We laugh together all the time.  In fact, when I stopped teaching preschool, Landon said, "Now who are we going to laugh at?"  Simultaneously Spencer and I said, "You!"  Because life is funny.

Spencer and I were on our first cruise.  We had gotten up early and stayed up late for several days in a row, and we were exhausted.  Our cabin was in "the bowels of the ship," which, BTW, is FABULOUS because it's dark and you just get rocked to sleep.  (Hmmm... Cruising bliss!)  Anyway, we were lying in the bed in our dark, rocking cabin.  I was sure Spencer was already asleep (because he does that), and I heard someone come literally staggering down the hall outside our door.  Whoever it was kept bumping loudly into the walls and doors.  Every second or two he'd mutter some slurred, incoherent oath.  And then, just outside our door, it happened:  he lost everything in his stomach.  My mind was racing:  "Ew!  There's vomit out there!  I wonder if that guy has passed out.  Why is drinking fun?"  etc., when out of the blackness came Spencer's sleepy voice:  "Clean-up on Aisle 6."

I wish I could paint the word picture for you so you would know how hilarious this was.  I thought he was asleep.  I was having visions of something terrible.  And all he says--totally drypan--is "Clean-up on Aisle 6."  I laughed so hard I had to stand up so I could breathe.  OK, maybe I was a little punchy from lack of sleep, but you're gonna have to believe me, we both laughed ourselves silly.

The next one happened just a week ago:  While we were in California, we stayed at a hotel.  Spencer and I were awake before the kids, so we got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast.  After we sat down, we started discussing the options of a possible move.  I was glad for the discussion, and I said to Spencer, "I don't really think you and I are on the same page on the house thing."  He said, "Okay, this is a good time to get on the same page.  You wanna go first?"  I replied, "No, you first."  He said, "Well, you should know that I am good with having sex any time you want it.  That's about 3/4 of my page."  I'm just glad I didn't have a mouth full of juice at the time.


Amy said...

BA ha ha ha! I love SPencer (in all the appropriate ways of course). And I love you fit having a laugh that inspires humor.

Amy said...

And by"fit" I mean "for" stupid smart phone

Noelle said...

I read. :) I just can't comment usually because my phone and word verification don't get along.