Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Everything Was Settled for a Minute

The department I work for has a new managing director.  He happens to have been the managing director of the department I used to work for.  Before that he was the director of the division I worked for.  My friends--knowing how I've felt about this person--have all been very kind to me, for which I am incredibly grateful.

If someone had asked me if I was OK on Friday or Monday, the answer would have been "Not so much."  Spoken through tears.

But as of yesterday (and continuing to today), I am doing very well.  I am looking at this latest change as an opportunity to grow and learn something that I clearly haven't learned yet.  Patience? Kindness? Tolerance? Self-Mastery?  All of the above?  More?

Yeah, I'm going with "More." 

And, as my sweet, finger-wiggling friend reminded me, the division of (mostly) men and (a few cherished) women who I love will now be in my department again.  Blessings abound!

Now we just need to get ready for the next (almost-guaranteed) move.