Friday, July 27, 2012

A Group of Four Words I Never Thought Would Come From My Mouth

"We need a lizard."

Landon is proving himself quite a zookeeper.  In addition to loving our dog, he has been keeping fish.  He's done a good job of keeping the aquarium clean and taking care of the fish, and he's had a lot of fun designing the tank, etc.

This week he sold his iPod and bought another aquarium, along with some bark and a heat lamp and a water dish.  Yesterday we went to PetSmart and adopted a long-tailed lizard and some meal worms.  He had to have a parent or guardian there to sign the adoption papers.  I promise this was not my idea, and I guarantee that I will NOT be the reptile-keeper.  EVER.  But Landon has shown that he is responsible enough for this, and he has been willing to pay for it.

So, please welcome the newest member of our family, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.  (Do you think Landon will actually read any Longfellow in celebration of his namesake?  Yeah, me neither.)


Amy said...

bah ha ha ha ha! I love Lando, but when exactly did he get old enough to be responsible enough to make choices like that?

We visited a neighbor last night who just bought a tarantula. But tarantulas have to eat, so her 5 year old catches grasshoppers to freed it. And she has researched how to breed crickets. Coolest mom award? Yes. Crazy? Also yes.