Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The One Where My Baby Gets to Drive

Landon told me a couple of months ago that he wanted to drive Taylor to the MTC.  I told him he needed his permit in order to do that.

Sunday our son--who never cracks a book--spent the entire afternoon reading the driving manual.  Yesterday he took his written test and passed.

I spent several hours last night riding around with our son.  We took back roads, busy roads, the freeway.  I taught him how to use cruise control.  I reminded him to turn on the lights.  I told him if the car in front of him pushes his brakes, it would be a good time to stop accelerating.  I told him that I loved him a lot, because I NEVER took one of the other kids for drives just to practice, ESPECIALLY on the day they got their permit.

Landon must be my favorite.  I should have told him that.


The Vuki Family said...

Well duh! Landon's always been the favorite. Just ask Bri, Tay and Ash. Congrats Land on the permit. Thankfully I'm ALL the way in CA. Love you guys!