Monday, July 30, 2012

Sharing and Making Memories -- Toni

There was a family in Georgia when Spencer served his mission who really loved him and his companion.  Maybe they loved all of the missionaries, I don't know.  But Spencer was already sharing Christmas cards when we were married, and we have continued to do that with this wonderful family for the past 24 years.

When Taylor was born, Toni sent a darling church outfit for Tay.  It was a size 2T.  It was the cutest little outfit with black pants, a white shirt, a black bow tie, and a red plaid vest.  I thought it was very kind of her to send something so darling, and I remember thinking, "It will be FOREVER before our baby wears this outfit."

Of course, it wasn't forever.  And one day I thought, "Taylor has definitely outgrown his church clothes.  What are we going to do?"  And I looked in the kids' closet, and there was that darling outfit, which fit him perfectly.  He looked so cute, and it didn't cost us a dime (which was a really big deal).  I was so grateful that Toni had had the foresight to buy something that would fit our baby when he got bigger, and ever since then I've bought larger clothes for baby showers.

That was also the moment when I totally fell in love with Toni.

Since Georgia in the 1980's, Wil and Toni have been stationed at Air Force bases in Maryland and South Dakota.  They are now retired in Mississippi.  Their children have grown up, and their youngest (?) son now works for the Church here in Utah.  Toni came to visit this week, and we had the blessing to meet with her last night.  I can't even tell you how much I love this woman, and I am so grateful we got to meet.  I hope it won't be another 24 years before we meet again.  I also hope to meet Wil someday.  Maybe a trip to Mississippi will be on our horizon!