Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

The list of things to be grateful for is excessively long. To save our sanity (yours and mine) I will not list everything, but it is necessary to list some.

First of all, I'm really grateful for my sweet family. From my wonderful, amazing husband to each of our four beautiful children, to my parents and siblings, to all of my in-laws, and all of your terrific children (who I can't believe I can love SO much!), I have been so richly blessed!

I'm thankful for what we have in the gospel. I realize that not everyone has access to the fulness of the gospel, and I am so grateful. However, the gospel is truly for all of God's children. One of the real miracles of my life is not just that I have it, but that I know I do. We know so much! I am blessed every single day because of what I know. The gospel of Jesus Christ got me through college, the "diapers and dishes" phase, the late nights and early mornings, the good days and the difficult days. What would I ever do without it?

Today I am also really thankful for my job: that I have good, solid work; that I am happy doing what I'm doing; and that I am surrounded by incredible people. The highlight of my day is always going home--there's no place on earth better!--but it is amazing to me that I found work where I am so happy.

Lastly, here's to so many of you who have blessed my life: the kind grocery store clerk, the thoughtful bank teller, my dear friends and neighbors and associates and family. You've made my life better; you've made me want to be better.

Happy Thanksgiving!