Thursday, November 20, 2008

Spotlight on...

This is our beautiful daughter, Briana Nicole. She will be 18 in less than a week! Yikes! Most of the time, it seems impossible to me that that much time has gone by. And then I look at this beautiful young woman, remembering so many things, and I realize that she's had a full life. And I've been fortunate enough to be there for it!

Breezy has been a loving girl all her life. She still greets us happily when we come in the door, which we love! Briana loves music and musicals. When she was the only child, we must have watched "Beauty and the Beast" 5 times a day! She was singing those songs before she could speak full sentences. She opens with the high school tonight in "Once On This Island"--break a leg, babe! She's always been a willing worker and is good at deciding her own attitude. She has always been very dependable in taking care of her siblings, and we rely on her a lot for that. She hates that, of course (those of you who are the oldest child will understand--I certainly do!). One of Bri's gifts is the ability to keep friends. She swears that it's hard for her to make friends, but once she has a friend she has them forever. She has friends from when she was just two! Briana has never had just one best friend. She hangs out with a person or a group for a while; then, without burning bridges, she is suddenly spending time with someone else. In another few weeks she'll be back to that first group, and they just love her.

Breeze has always been very smart, but school work was overwhelming for her. One of the great things about her growing up is that she is discovering so many of her talents. We knew of many of them, even if she didn't. Many others are surprising and exciting for us. One thing she is quite good at is sewing. She has made some adorable items--Bri, can I have that pink bag?--including clothing, table runners, bags, quilts. She's even considering fashion design as a school major.

Briana, I love you so much! I think you are a beautiful, intelligent, amazing, talented young lady. I am so blessed to be your mom and I love that we are friends, too. I look forward to being your "sister" forever and ever!
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The Becks said...

Wow! She is beautiful. This just tells me it has been WAY too long since I have seen you guys. Hello from your cousin Holly. I am a blogging manic. Glad you joined in the fun. My blog is private. Just send an email to me at and I will invite you to view ours.

Hugs and Kisses... The Becks

The Vuki Family said...

I would like this picture.Please? Berneena you're a hottie girlfriend!Love you!

Jen said...

That is an amazing picture. She looks absolutely stunning!