Tuesday, November 18, 2008

There is BEAUTIFUL all around

My beautiful friend, Amy, talked me into trying a beautiful blog of my own. She thought it would be a beautiful thing. No pressure, of course.

With Amy, everything is beautiful and she loves it! I LOVE that about her. I often ask Amy, "What DON'T you love?" So far she's only come up with two things, and one was fortune cookies that don't give you a fortune. (She's right!)

Let's hear it, then. What DON'T you love?


Amy said...

It's pink and I LOVE it. But then again, what DON'T I love? The fact that Kleenex boxes don't fit anywhere nicely in my car. They just roll around the floor looking like clutter and getting my way. And that, my friend, is not beautiful.

Jen said...

Welcome to blogging! Let's see, I don't love taxes.

Marianne said...

I love your blog--hooray! I don't love getting behind on my blog(which is www.philandmar.blogspot.com)How's that for a plug!? I also don't love spiders. Scary!

The Vuki Family said...

You R my beautiful sister! I'm so glad that you have a blog, keep up with it so I can pretend that I've come to visit for 2 weeks! I miss you SIIIISSSTER! Hope it's a beautiful day! I LOVE YOU!