Thursday, December 18, 2008

Not terribly exciting

I realize that this blog is probably not the most interesting thing that you read. I have several blogs that I follow, and some are better than others. But I love them all because I love YOU all. So for today's blog, I thought I would update you on some of the happenings at our house (what?! You don't love the random stuff I blog about?!).

Spencer is still my #1 main man. He is employed at Boeing, where he has been for over 12 years. We had some breath-holding earlier this year when the machinists union in Seattle went on strike. Things are nearly back to normal now. The airline industry, of course, is taking a hit in the current economic recession, so we will be seeing some changes in the near future. We are continually praying that our employment will be preserved. In the meantime, Spencer has been going to the University of Phoenix, and he will graduate with a bachelors in Business Administration in May of 2009. He's worked hard, and I am proud of him. He's also done it without much sympathy or support from his wife--you'll have to get that story at another date. Spencer is also training for the Salt Lake City Marathon in April. This will be his 3rd. He loves to run! Spence is the Scout Committee Chairman and the Deacon's Quorum Advisor. He and I are also working on the stake Youth Conference committee.

I am working as a secretary at the Church Office Building. I've been there for a year and a half, and I still love it! I work with some seriously wonderful people. I'm also still doing some freelance editing and proofreading, which is all for fun. I'm serving as the Primary president in our ward, where I love the kids so much and they think I'm strange and silly--I love it! What don't you love?

Briana is a senior at West Jordan High School. She's in the concert choir, she an FCCLA officer, she's taking photography and woodworking, and she works as a lifeguard at the Kearns Rec Center. She''s 18 now and beginning to attend YSA activities. Yikes!

Taylor is a sophomore, also at WJHS. He still plays lacrosse and he sings in Take Ten, the men's choir. He has about a million friends but his favorites are still Logan (in Magna) and Logan (in Orangevale). Tay also does a lot of writing, and he's turned out some decent stuff recently. Maybe he'll post a guest blog for me. Hmmm... Tay will be a priest at the end of January. I can't believe it!

Ashtyn is in 9th grade at Entheos Academy. She loves school. Everyone loves Ashtyn, and she is a happy, positive young lady. And I do mean young lady. She's really a beauty. When I say that everyone loves Ash, read All the boys love Ash. Who can blame them, really? What's not to love? Ashtyn continues to amaze us. She is a very conscientious student; she is a hard worker; she is a good friend; and she is slower than molasses in January! :) But she doesn't stop till the job is done. I am very proud of the person that she is. Ashie also serves as the Bee-a-Maid president in our ward (combined Beehive and Mia Maid class, in case you hadn't already figured that out). Ash occasionally fights some tummy trouble. She's had ultrasounds at Primary Children's Hospital twice. They revealed nothing. That's good news, but it doesn't answer the question What is wrong with our daughter?

Landon will be 12 in January--a deacon! He is in the 6th grade at Entheos. He's had a rough year at school. Part of the challenge is that Lando is seriously NOT focused on school. But each week we see him learning more and more; his prayers are often so sweet and tender. We love this boy!

This post would not be complete if I didn't add our chicken dog, Bella, to the page. Last year we had Abby, but this summer she got very ill and we had to put her down. (Another post for another time.) After a lot of searching, including drives to St. George and Cedar City, we found Bella. She has some anxiety issues and probably ate $200 worth of shoes this summer--she now spends her time alone in her crate. She goes walking with me each morning, but she is NO guard dog--she's too chicken. There have been multiple times when I've tripped over her as she's run between my legs. We love her, even if she is a chicken TURD.

We're headed to Sacramento on Saturday for a week. We'll spend our Christmas with Mom and Dad and my brothers (Brant and Gavin) and sister (Tiffany) and their wonderful families. That is all our children have asked for this Christmas. Thank goodness the gas prices went down! Our niece, Gracie, will be baptized the following Saturday, so we'll leave the next day to head home. Bella is staying with Spencer's sister for the week. I hope Jenny is still speaking to us when we get home. :)

We are all happy and healthy and well. We hope you are, too. Have a beautiful Christmas!