Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Phrase of the Day

My official title at work is "Senior Secretary." Secretaries--as opposed to clerks--give support to people, not just tasks. I like my job.

That said, I am also a clerk. I file, copy, email, track, change, and otherwise oversee about a lot of projects each week. I like my job.

One thing I don't like about my job--I get to answer a call center line. This is the line where people call to tell you that their trash didn't get emptied, the toilet won't flush, or any one of about a million other options they can choose from (or create).

I have a "favorites" list. The toilet splashed on me while I was still sitting on it. Someone puked during the film. My all-time favorite: My new filing cabinet doesn't match what I already had here. Seriously, folks, is it really that important?! OK, the toilets need to flush, and we do want to clean up the vomit. But the garbage can will still be there when the custodians arrive tonight. And your steelcase doesn't match?! I won't even go there!

Today I am freezing. My ring is sliding all around my shriveled little finger. I am wearing my coat and scarf. All day. Indoors. So I hope you will forgive me. When Bratty Miss Thing on the umpteenth floor calls to tell me she's had to take off her suit coat because she's too hot, I figure all I can do is choose a phrase for the day:


(Then I turn on the phone smile, cheerfully complete the call, create the work order, and move to the next line...)