Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The View After Work

For those of you (few) who are Utah-haters, I have a news flash: Utah is a great state! Let's leave the people out of this discussion for now and focus on the land called Utah. There are rivers; a huge, dead lake; lots of living lakes; mountains and deserts. There are hiking trails from north to south and from east to west. Bike, hike, swim, ski (snow or water), sight-see, even scuba--Utah has it all. (OK, there's no ocean.)

Of all of the sights to see, however, one of my favorites is Temple Square and the surrounding LDS campus. One fall evening I walked out of the Relief Society building at sunset, and my friend Joanne said to me (after a long sigh), "I think I could come out to this sight every night and never tire of it." She was right, and after a year and a half at my employment, I still never tire of it.

The beauty of the temple is that you can have an exterior view like this--what's not to love?--and enjoy it all the more because of what is INSIDE.

This is what my view of the east side of the temple looked like last night. Enjoy


Jen said...

You're so lucky to get to look at Temple Square everyday. We went the other night and it was amazing.

The Becks said...

I completely agree with you. Utah is a beautiful state. And as for the people... the ones I know live there, I absolutely love. To me, the whole place is great!