Monday, March 30, 2009

Be There

As I mentioned in my pity-party-post, this was one heck of a busy weekend. Catholicism was looking pretty inviting this weekend. (So many fewer time demands!) And yet, every single thing I did turned out to be a time of happiness, learning, or both.

There were fewer than 50 people total in our chapel for the YW general meeting, and the adults outnumbered the YW. I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt--maybe some other chapels were packed full of visiting nieces or granddaughters; maybe lots of girls got tickets and went downtown; I'm sure some were sick; and many have to choose between good and good--and good wins! But for those who just opted out because of laziness or boredom or whatever: LOSERS!

I'm not calling you names. You just really missed out on something wonderful. You lost.


One of life's most fundamental truths is this: If you don't show up for dinner, you won't get fed. I'm always amazed at how many just don't show up. Hence, my new slogan:

Be There!


Amy said...

I like the slogan. And I agree.