Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spotlight On...

This is a picture of me and our Primary presidency. One thing that has really amazed me and surprised me is how much I am concerned with these sisters. I want to fix things for them and make sure they are OK. I am so grateful for their wonderful service to our children, our teachers and leaders, and to me and my family. They have become women I cherish.

On the left is Marianne, my secretary. She and Phillip have three little girls. Marianne is the epitome of a mother: she is fiercely protective of her children, she finds joy in her family, and she just wants to be better because of them. She also adores her husband. Phil and Marianne's 2nd child has spina bifida. This is something that would devastate many people or leave them frozen with fear. While their daughter's health is an ongoing concern for them, Phil and Marianne bask in the beauty of their children, celebrate every accomplishment, and just live a happy life together. I want to be like Marianne.

Between Marianne and me is Lara, my second counselor. She is the mother to four adorable daughters and the wife of one really large boy. Her hubby is the YM president in our ward, and Lara has just kind of adopted all of the young men as her own. She is extremely funny--she pulls the best faces in the world! But she is awesome at rolling up her sleeves, digging in, and getting it done. She is wonderful with our Primary children, and she is very level-headed and helps me stay on track. I love Lara!

On my other side is Mary Ann Winn, my 1st counselor. Mary Ann is the mother of 10 children of her own, and countless other neighborhood children. She is generous to a fault. She is guaranteed to be on someone's doorstep in a heartbeat if there is anything she can give tothem. She is a MEAN cook! She loves to stay ahead of the game, so she probably already has Sharing Time ready for December! I rely on her for a lot. I would love to have the compassion Mary Ann possesses.

We love our Primary children, and we love each other!