Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Life Goes On

I broke a molar on Saturday. This happened while I was eating popcorn and watching "Homeward Bound." No, I wasn't gnawing on kernals, but one must have slipped in, because the next thing I knew, a large chunk of my tooth was missing. This morning I had the joy of visiting the dentist (who I actually really like on a personal level). He shot and drilled and molded and finally fitted me with a temporary crown for that tooth.

Spencer is on his 3rd to last class before he has his bachelor's degree. He's getting really trunky (his word). Bri says he just has Senioritis. He talked about continuing on for a master's, but changes in rules at Boeing (who has paid for school)--along with Senioritis--have left him saying no for now.

Last night Spencer spent a couple of hours fighting with our computer, which, apparently, received a bug of some kind. He wasn't feeling peachy when we went to bed. And he was the one who was cold and snuggled up to me to get warm. Weird.

Landon and Ashtyn are involved with a play at their school. It's called "Cinderella's Glass Slipper." Landon is part of the chorus, and Ashtyn is the fairy godmother's apprentice. I took them to play practice and just giggled at all of the girls dressed up their gowns (there were seriously some lovely dresses in the gym!) and all of the boys in white tights, knickers, and lacy dickies. They looked awesome. We'll be sure and take pictures when they perform.

The girls and I went to Orem last night to see my grandparents. Grandma's having an angiogram today. My uncle is having some colon tests done today. I've tried to call the rheumatologist and the neurologist today for Ashtyn, who is still mysteriously ill every couple of weeks.

Life is busy. There are worries. But life goes on, and we are so grateful!


Amy said...

And thank goodness it does! :)

T said...

My Dad often tells me that we are "just living life!" How true it really is---I, too, and grateful for every part of it!