Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ten Things I Like

1. Ten uninterrupted, safe seconds with Spencer and all of our children gathered together.

2. Tulips!

3. Getting the best seat in the movie theatre and having nobody sit around us. "Us" means "Me and Spencer."

4. The sky. (If you look at the sky at any time of any day, you will be completely unable to tell me that there is no God. Go ahead and try!)

5. Brand new socks.

6. A breath-taking laugh--so much laughter that my cheeks hurt.

7. People who smile, even when they would be justified in being impatient.

8. A brisk walk which works up just enough sweat so I'm not cold. Especially if the dog doesn't pull my arms out of my sockets. :)

9. The kind of book that makes my brain work a little bit but still transports me to another place.

10. Eating popcorn very slowly.


Amy said...

I hope you got all 10 this weekend! :)