Saturday, March 28, 2009

Thanks to Bishop Bateman

Last night and this morning I was pitching a quiet, personal fit. I was informed that I was expected to be at an employment class at the church from 9:00 to 1:00. I was scheduled to go to Mosida (again) with the youth conference committee at 12:00. There was a funeral in the ward that I was missing. And YW conference was at 6:00. That's just today. Tomorrow includes Sharing Time, Family Home Evening (I'm actually really looking forward to this one), and the youth conference kick-off fireside.

I'm thinking I will be glad to go back to work on Monday, just for the rest. And that is really saying something in the week before General Conference (not a restful week in my employment).

Bishop Bateman heard me whine for a minute and said, "Did the Bishop ask you to speak?"

Oh, boy! That put things back into their proper place! Thank heaven for small favors, like NOT having to speak in church!


Amy said...

There's a children's book you'd love "It Could Always Be Worse" (

....speaking in sacrament meeting DEFINITELY falls in the same category as the cow. Here's to a relaxing General Conference week at work!