Saturday, January 2, 2010


I thought about doing a "Year in Review," but I'm not as cool as other people (even though I really try, Amy). Plus, really, if you want to know all of it, you can go back and read it.

Nevertheless, here are some highlights (in no particular order):

Landon turned 12 and we officially have no children in Primary for the first time in 16 years. No attending Primary activities with the kids. No children in the Primary program. It seems a little bit like we ought to get a certificate or something. Of course, he still had Sunday School with his Primary class, so officially, this last Sunday was his last week in Primary.

I was released as Primary president in July. NOW no Primary activities and program. I'm more sad about that than our children being gone from Primary. Because everybody knows Primary is where I belong. What does that say about my maturity level? (I'll admit to knowing that the "Meet Your Teacher Breakfast" is happening right this minute. And I'm sorta glad I'm not there this morning. Sorta.)

Briana graduated from high school by the skin of her teeth.

Spencer graduated from college with a high GPA and a bachelor's degree. And he did it all on his own. And we had a big party.

Spencer and Briana returned to school, at Eagle Gate College, studying massage therapy. More nights without my sweetheart. BUT we'll have graduations again this year. AND I'll be living with my own massage therapist. I'll share him (professionally) if you ask nicely.

Taylor played lacrosse, and ended up in the hospital for an overnight stay.

We finally learned that Ashtyn's illnesses were caused by her being lactose INCAPABLE. We read a lot of labels while shopping.

Ashtyn started high school.

Landon started middle school with a bang, including some bullying and difficulties with teachers and a visit with the principal.

Spencer qualified to run the Boston Marathon by running the St. George Marathon in 3:20:21. I ran the last .10 mile with him. (Probably the only time I'll run in a marathon.)

I ran a 5K. And won a medal for my age division.

Nutrimirror became our friend.

Scott and Amy left me for greener pastures and I cried a little. Because I was (am!) sad.

Tommy came and I cried a little. Because I am happy.

Jimmy and Emily came to visit. Woot!

We spent Hilladay in the Jackson Hole, Wyoming, area and had a blast. Cooking over the fire, sleeping in a cabin, running 3.1 miles (5K) in the mountains, river rafting, Bar J Wranglers, horseback riding. One of the best memories is seeing the cars packed to the gills. I heart Hilladay!

We made a fast weekend run to Sacramento over Labor Day and spent a morning on a raft in the river. And got to love on our Sacramento family.

I joined the Sterling Singers and had some amazing, beautiful experiences while letting my voice "grow" again. Briana joined in time for Christmas rehearsals and performances.

As always, we have been surrounded by wonderful people on our journey through 2009. We are filled with gratitude for our family and friends, for our employment, and for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Here's to a beautiful 2010!


Amy said...

Yay for 2009. And yay that it's over and we can start 2010. :)

Coles Fam said...

Whoo Hoo! We made it on your list. We are special. We are glad to see you guys. Wish it was more often. I've been thinking about you.
I had to laugh about you being willing to share your husband professionally. Although I don't know that I could get a massage from anyone's husband that I knew. Just seems weird to me.

ann cannon said...

What a busy, rewarding year for you! I'm really impressed with the 5K/medal thing. Fab!