Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Big Money Movie

If you are old (like me) and grew up in Utah, you might remember The Big Money Movie with Bernie Calderwell.  He was this weird-looking guy in huge glasses who each afternoon "hosted" an old movie on KSL.  I think he might have spun a wheel for prizes or something.  I don't remember the details; because what kid wanted to watch an old movie in the middle of the day?

One day I was at my grandparents' house (in the family room that used to be the garage, which was down a couple of stairs and had RED carpet and lava stone on the fireplace) and started watching this old movie.  This is the exact day I fell in love with Doris Day.  The movie was "Tea For Two," and it is a from beginning to end.  I loved it!

After that, I checked in on The Big Money Movie every chance I got.  Nothing was ever as great again.

ANYWAY, I have looked for "Tea For Two" at every video store and on every shelf at Walmart for 30 years.  Others have found it, but I never did.

Welcome, my friends, to the 21st century and NETFLIX (!), who had "Tea for Two."  There are 6 of us using this service, and our children would not let me cut in line for which movie came to the house next, so it has taken several weeks; but "Tea For Two" showed up at our house last night.  Briana sat and watched it with me, and we giggled at how silly it was, and we loved the singing and the dancing.

OK, it didn't move me the way it did when I was a kid, but it was a delicious moment.

And now I have to send it back so "Singin' in the Rain" can come!


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