Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm a Sicko

This morning I took an allergy pill and took Landon to the orthodontist.  By the time his ortho appointment was finished, I was decidedly sleepy. The drive home was eternal.  I was taking Lando to his school when he remembered that he had forgotten his backpack.  The detour home took forever.  I finally got home, undressed, and climbed into bed.  For four hours.

I've fought exhaustion all day. I've also blown my nose enough to use an entire roll of tp and a half of a box of Kleenex.  I stayed awake, though, so I would be able to sleep tonight.

Easy, right?  I should be able to take another allergy pill and say good-bye to the world for 5 -- 6 hours of slumber.

Apparently it doesn't work that way.

In other news, I am proofing a book for DB, and I love it.  When it is published, you might just receive a copy from me.  It's that good.  It's non-fiction, and I think all women of all ages should read it.

The end.


The Vuki Family said...

So that was the sound I've been hearing all day long! I thought I was hearing an elephant trump. I thought it was kind of strange, because I don't live in the jungle, but I do live in a zoo.
Hope you get better! Love you!

Amy said...

Ugh. I'm so so sorry! Feel better soon! (And tell me more about this book!)

Amy said...

PS Sicko is like "Lester Lester child molester". You are not that.

Kim and Preston said...

Im sorry your not feeling well! I hope you can get feeling better:) Good job on the proofing. I look forward to reading it.

Jessica said...

Heeey! I was a sicko all last week! (I vote down forming a "sicko" club. The meetings would be germy and disgusting...) Get well soon! And do share the book!

Jodi Orgill Brown said...

I am so sorry you are Sick - Ohhhh! No fun! If I were closer, I'd bring you dinner and a blanket to cuddle in. And when you are allowed, tell me all about the book, you are getting me excited! I love good books (especially good books for women!).