Thursday, November 18, 2010

More Illness, More Memories, More Fun

Our Ashtyn is sick again.  We thought she might have strep.  That test came back negative.  The doctor thought she might have mono. That test came back negative.  Poor baby!  She's been poked and prodded and checked so many times she is a walking pin cushion.

I was watching my friend, Dorothy, who was having lunch with her daughter and Rachel's boyfriend.  As the two young people bantered back and forth, Dorothy started laughing.  She shook her head as she bounced quietly up and down--and she looked just like my grandma.

Jax called me yesterday to see if they could host a family gathering at our house on Sunday.   We're very excited!


Tahnee said...

Sorry to hear she's sick again. I hope they find something soon, she is sure a trooper that one!

Jacqueline said...

Poor Ash. Dang it. :(

And thank you so much for hosting a family gathering. You guys are the best! I love you lots and lots, but not just because of that. ;)