Monday, October 31, 2011

Sharing a Memory -- Preschool

It's been four full years since I owned/taught preschool, but there are just times every year that I think back and figure out what we would be doing.

Today is Halloween.  I won't lie.  It's not my favorite holiday; in fact, it's probably my LEAST favorite holiday.  But children's excitement is contagious, children in costumes are adorable, and I know at least two Halloween rhymes (for your reading pleasure):

Halloween cat! Halloween cat,
Why do you meow and meow like that?
Neither I nor the moon likes your tune,
So, scat! Scat, Halloween cat!

Five little pumpkins sitting on the gate:
The first one said:  Oh, my, it's getting late!
The second one said:  There are witches in the air!
The third one said: We don't care!
The fourth one said: Let's run!  Let's run!
The fifth one said:  Isn't Halloween fun?
Oooo, went the wind and OUT went the light.
Those five little pumpkins rolled fast out of sight!


You're welcome.  And Happy Halloween!


Jacqueline said...

I had NO idea that you don'r like Halloween!


Oh well. I don't much like Labor Day ;)

Jess said...

The second one was my favorite to watch my little preschooler chant at his Halloween party. The excitement of children is very contagious!