Sunday, January 29, 2012

Best.. Day. Ever.

When I was a girl, when a young man or woman was leaving on a mission, we held a "farewell" sacrament meeting.  It was a lot like a Mormon funeral--happy, with bursts of tears.

We no longer hold "farewells" per se, because the focus of sacrament meeting ought to be on the Savior and his teachings.  However, the person leaving on a mission is usually invited to speak in sacrament meeting shortly before leaving on his or her mission.  In that respect, today was Briana's "farewell."  She was asked to speak on missionary work.  She did a BEAUTIFUL job.  Remember how I'm a lucky mom?  Yup, I remember, too.

So many friends and family to came to our ward to support Bri, and after sacrament meeting we went home and had a light luncheon.  It was standing room only at our house, and it was wonderful.  All of our children had some of their friends come.  Spencer's parents, his brother, and his sister (and their families) came, as did my grandparents and two of my brothers and their families.  Spencer's aunt came, as did two of my uncles and an aunt.  We had so many friends there (Hi, Giffords!)--we feel so incredibly blessed.

And THEN we all (ya know, the close family and friends) went to the Jordan Institute, where Taylor was ordained an elder.  Glorious!

This was a total parents' payday, and I loved every minute of it.

Except now I'm overstimulated from the noise and really tired.  It's 7:25 p.m.  Good night.


Amy said...

Thought of you alld ay long - glad you so many people showed their love today! :D And congrats to Tay too! :D You have amazing children. Every time.