Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Landon Has a Girlfriend

I got home last night, and Landon said, "Mom!  Smell this!"  He holds up his shirt for me to sniff.  What I smelled was perfume and cigarette smoke.  I wasn't sure if he was telling me his shirt smelled good or bad.

Girlfriend's mom stopped in to meet me when she brought Landon home last night.  I wasn't there, but she met Spencer (and others), and was very kind and good and personable.  Girlfriend, too, has been good and not dramatic (ya know, for an 8th grader) and kind to Landon.

Landon swears he is never getting married.  Ever.  Yet he has had two girlfriends, long before any of our other children have.

Can you sense my anxiety?  Should I be anxious?