Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Older They Get, The More I Love Them

Amy's post reminded me of several things:

1.  There are eternal days when you are the parent of small children.  These are the days people seem to forget.  These are the days when you are 100% convinced that when people say, "Don't blink," they are completely high.

2.  Having small children is incredibly physically demanding.  You must get them out of their beds, change their diapers, get them dressed (often multiple times each day), bathe them, carry them everywhere, carry a lot of stuff with you everywhere you go, feed them, lift them into and out of cars and various other places, get down on the floor to talk to them at their level, etc., etc.

3.  Sometimes being a parent doesn't seem like the decision was worth it.  Even when you know in the long run it is worth it, there are many times when it doesn't seem like it.

4.  Parents of small children miss the company of adults.  Adults don't head-bang you, throw up on you, poop their pants, pat-pat-pat you to get your attention, throw their food all over the place, or call you "Mama" 400 times (even when you have answered them 400 times).  Usually. 

5.  Having small children can be embarrassing to you.  They might poop all over you just when you are supposed to close the meeting.  They might call that very kind lady "Fat."  They might use a word they weren't supposed to hear you using.  They might sing really loud during the really quiet part of the movie or meeting.  They could burp or pass gas loudly at any moment.  They might pitch a fit in the middle of the store.

Sometimes these things are easy to forget, especially when you've reached a point with your children when they are completely capable of toileting, showering and dressing themselves, not only getting themselves into and out of a car but actually DRIVING themselves places, and holding a reasonable conversation that doesn't include tears or kicking or head-butting. 

Fortunately, life has a way of helping you remember mostly the good stuff:  the sound of a roomful of giggling children; the adorable handprint card they made for Mother's Day; the song they sang all by themselves or with their class; the stupid, funny jokes that made you laugh till your cheeks hurt; the times when you were exactly the person who could make the ouch go away; the moments when they reached for your hand or put their arm around you just because you were there; their testimonies shared, whether publicly or privately; the breakfast you got in bed; the day you woke up because your body was ready instead of waking to the sound of arguing; Christmases all about giving instead of receiving. 

Of course there are a million things that are forgettable.  But don't worry, there are also a million things to remember.

And in the meantime there are some of us who would welcome the chance to hang out for a few hours with naughty, screaming, laughing, adorable, lovely children.  Call if you need me.  Because it really did all go too, too fast.

And yes, I remember. 


Amy said...

I don't want to blink - I want to close my eyes and never wake up. :) (kidding....mostly.)

Jacqueline said...

was this post for me? I'm certain it was. Thank you!