Monday, January 16, 2012

Fear This Missionary!

Taylor has had a heck of a time getting through his mission papers.  It took him WEEKS to have his first bishop's interview, because he could not get hold of the executive secretary to make an appointment.  When he finally got an appointment, the bishop re-scheduled twice. 

Finally he was able to get his paperwork and get started.  It took him two days to fill out all of the information.  He got into the doctor, but he couldn't get a dentist appointment for 2 1/2 weeks.  He called them after a few days, and they moved him up a week.  When he got there he learned that he had lost two fillings, and one of them resulted in a cracked tooth.  He had one new cavity.  And he needs his top wisdom teeth removed.  More waiting for appointments.

He called the stake executive secretary to schedule a time with the stake president.  He thought that appointment was for last Sunday, but it was for yesterday.  He waited all week, missed "Christmas" dinner with his grandparents, got to the stake offices, and... no stake president.  He called the executive secretary, who rescheduled with him for next week.

This is our text conversation which followed:

Me:  What happened to meeting with the stake president?

Tay:  He wasn't there.

Me:  So did you call?

Tay:  Yes.  Reschedule with secretary.  Satan doesn't want me on a mission.  He also doesn't want me to get the Melchidezek Priesthood.  I don't blame him.  I'd be scared, too.

Me:  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

Tay:  Dun dun dunnnn!!!

When this man gets into the mission field, look out!