Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sharing A Memory. And Starting A New Year.

When I taught preschool, a new year was always an eye-opener.  For one thing, the children were always excited about everything we did and I was ALL kinds of cool.  By the end of the year, that's not always the case.  (Weird, right?)

The other thing that amazed me each year was the realization of just how much last year's preschoolers had learned. 

And now I was starting over.

This year I am teaching the CTR 6 class.  Again.  These kiddos can't read yet.  They don't know how to find scriptures.  They don't know to BRING their scriptures.  They don't know my name.  They don't know that they are old enough to raise their hands and go to the bathroom between class time and sharing time.  On the other hand, the prayer / line leader chart is exciting and I am very cool.

I'm so excited for the new Primary year!