Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Story of an Angel and a Miracle

Once upon a time there was an angel-girl born to our family.  She was happy and kind and helpful and beautiful.

Once or twice or thrice (or more) upon a time, the angel-girl got sick.  Once or twice or thrice (or more) upon a time, the girl missed school.  Once or twice or thrice (or more) upon a time the angel-girl visited the doctor. OOTOT(OM)UAT the girl had her blood drawn.  The angel has needle tracks on her arm, but her parents can vouch for being there each time one of those marks was created, and none of it was done illegally.  OOTOT(OM)UAT the angel-girl had to make up absences and assignments and sometimes entire classes.

So finally the angel-girl's parents said, "Angel-girl, you must stop worrying about so many things.  College will still be there in another year.  Jobs will still be there after high school.  We will worry about small things like senior portraits after we stop worrying about larger things like a high school diploma."  So the angel-girl dug in her heels and spread her wings.  She worked like an angel possessed.  OOTOT(OM)UAT the angel-girl met with her teachers and the vice principal and the school counselor.  OOTOT(OM)UAT the angel-girl went to attendance school (some more) and did packets and took online classes.

And finally, finally, finally, the angel-girl got her just rewards and qualified to graduate from high school.  (The official "walk" is tomorrow afternoon, and there is a lovely blue cap and gown hanging in the dining room.)

And also finally, the angel-girl had time to go get senior portraits taken:

Congratulations on graduation from high school to our Angel-Girl, Ashtyn.  We are so proud of her!  No senior has ever worked harder to get to this milestone than she has!


Coles Fam said...

Oh my gosh, is she really graduating? I can't believe she's old enough! She is definitely vey beautiful. Congratulations, Ash!