Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Living with the Consequences

When you make a choice, you also choose the consequence of that choice.  Sometimes the consequences are good, and sometimes they are bad, but there is always a consequence.

If, for example, you are walking down the street in the extreme heat of summer and realize that your legs are the most pasty white you've ever seen--well, that might be the consequence of not going outside enough in the summer.

Or if you buy tanning lotion for your pasty-white legs, you might have to live with orange, streaky legs for a while.

So then you might have to make another choice:  Let the interviewer see your orange streaky legs? Or wear hose in the middle of the summer?

You can choose for yourself.  As for me, today is the first day I've been really warm at work in a very long time.


Jessica and Tim said...

ha ha ha ha. I love that they changed that rule after I left employment. It was a curse for me. I actually had someone there tell me that I wouldn't make it to the celestial kingdom if I didn't want to wear hose. I chose to just give them a look rather than respond. I wanted to let you know that on the intended day a few weeks ago, I made cookies, ran to the church to meet your darling daughter and met up instead with a funeral. As my kiddos were in the car on the way to swimming lessons, I didn't feel it was appropriate to haul them around the halls until I found your sweet gal with the funeral going on. I've been meaning to still find out that next time she is here from the elders and that's my goal for church. Just wanted you to know that I tried.

Amy said...

Love. Love you, love interviews, love orange legs and the option to go hose-less.
Love to bare naked orange streaky pasty white legs and more to you.