Friday, July 20, 2012

There Was A Rat in the House

The dog door was broken one day when Doofus was locked out, and she didn't like it.  When I say "broken," I mean she literally hit it so hard that it broke the plastic piece in half.  Obviously, we've kept the cover on it since then, as there is a giant hole without the cover.

Since the weather turned nice in the spring, we've often taken the cover off so Bella can come and go as she likes.

Apparently another critter wanted to do the same, because when Spencer came home from work in the early hours of this morning he saw a rat.  He promptly shut all the bedroom doors, and--as he said--he and Bella went on a stakeout.  I don't know how long he lasted, but he came back to bed having left Landon and Tanner (who had been to the midnight showing of a new movie) and Bella on stakeout.

Landon came in and said that Bella had cornered the rat in the laundry room, the rat had bit her when she went after it, and she was bleeding.  He went back out and doctored the dog.  I heard scuffles a couple different times, and then he came back to bed, exhausted but triumphant.

I slept in between, but it was a VERY interrupted night, filled with worry, because I didn't want to have Ashtyn have a rat encounter, ME have a rat encounter, or--worst of all--a rat in the house!

Good thing I married that white knight.  Our young princes are pretty great, too!

Too bad the Doof broke her door.  She won't be going in and out on her own any more.