Friday, August 10, 2012

Going Home?

My family moved to Sacramento, California, when I was 15 years old.  I finished high school there, I went to college there, I got married there, we had our first baby there.  I lived in Sacto for 7 years, but they were very formative years, and I often tell people I grew up there.

Spencer moved to Sacramento with a high school friend and two former mission companions.  One of them, Dave, was married just three months after we were.  He and his wife moved into the same (very cheap) apartment complex where we were living.  We spent quite a bit of time with them. 

Dave and Susie had been married just over a year when they had their first baby, a girl.  Susie was very protective of her little one, but sometimes she'd let me babysit.  Once Spencer and I took the baby to my parents' home while we were babysitting.  We went to make a "quick" visit to someone, and pretty soon we'd left the baby in my parents' care for two hours.  I felt terrible for taking advantage of them.  I also NEVER told Dave and Susie.  :)

Dave and Susie were both originally from Utah, just as we were.  Short after we moved back to Utah, so did they.  So even though our oldest daughters were both born in the Sacramento area, they've both lived over 20 years in Utah--they are Utah kids.

Dave and Susie's daughter just got a mission call.  She is serving in Sacramento Spanish speaking.  We are thrilled for her!