Friday, August 3, 2012

Sweet, Tender Mercies

When I started working for this corporation 5 years ago, I was replacing a woman named Jessica.  Jessica was having their first baby, so the division got special permission to hire her replacement two months before she left.  That allowed her to train a replacement (me) and work on some projects before her baby came.  I became sure that if we had really known each other, I would really love Jessica.

Enter the blogging world and Facebook, and Jessica is now someone I love very much.

Today I received a text.  It was from a local area code, but I did not recognize the number.  I decided to open the text, and there was a picture of Jessica and OUR SISTER HILL!  Jessica's husband is working on a Master's degree, and they are living in Indiana for the summer.  So Jess went and found our daughter, took her some treats, and sent me a picture.

What a wonderful treat!  What a kind thing to do!  What a cherished friend!


Kim and Preston said...

AWESOME! is what that is...

My Name is JACY said...

I love this!!!!!!! Such a fun treat ;)