Thursday, August 23, 2012


My friend had someone ask about her week, saying, "Your life is so exciting!"  She laughed and said, "'Exciting' is not the word I would use."

What word would you use to describe your life?

My life is RICH.

We live in a country that allows us to travel, explore, live, work, worship, befriend, serve, speak, and act pretty much any way we want to.  We are so rich.

I have a husband who I adore for at least a million reasons.  He loves me, too.  Incredible!  I am so rich.

We have four amazing children.  They are talented, terrific, seriously good people, and I get to call them mine.  I am so rich.

Spencer and I both have good jobs.  We have enough income and to spare.  We can contribute and help others.  We can enjoy some recreation.  We can pay our bills on time.  We have plenty to eat and wear.  We own three cars.  We go places to see people and things.  In addition, we have the help of others for obligations (such as missions), and we are so grateful for their generosity and help!  We are trying to pay it forward in every way we can.  We are so rich.

We are blessed with families who love us, and we love them.  We adore our nieces and nephews, the children of our loved siblings.  We still have all five of our parents with us.  We also still have three of our grandparents!  We are so rich.

We are surrounded by friends.  People from work and prior work.  People from wards and former wards.  People from our neighborhood and former neighborhoods.  People from childhood.  People from missions.  People from volunteer opportunities.  Our children's friends and their parents.  In addition, we are constantly meeting new, wonderful people.  We are so rich.

We have the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  We are led by a prophet.  The priesthood has been restored, and we can make covenants through the priesthood in the Holy Temple.  We can go back to the temple as many times as we want.  We can repent.  We know the plan for our lives and for happiness both in mortality and for eternity.

Yup.  My life is RICH.