Thursday, August 16, 2012


Spencer says that growling makes it ever-more-possible to open something that's stuck.  Can't get into the pickle jar? Growl while you twist.  Ashtyn totally buys into the growl, but she has a tiny little voice, so it's funny.

Last night she came with me to my niece's house.  We went to do her toenails, since she's 8 months pregnant and on bedrest.  Heather chose a polish color that just would not open.  She tried to open it.  I tried.  My other niece tried.  My grand-niece tried.  My other niece tried again.  I tried again.

Ashie said, "Mom you have to growl. Let me try."  So she takes this bottle of nail polish, growls, and gets it open.

I said, "Yeah, after we loosened it up for you."  She didn't miss a beat. She just said, "Whatever. It's the growl."


amb said...

I'm tellin' ya. It's all about the growl!