Thursday, August 6, 2009

21 Years

I know that you will not be able to believe me (because of my youthful looks, I'm sure) when I tell you that Spencer and I have been married for 21 years.

That's a long time, but it just doesn't seem possible.

21 years is long enough to:

  • Have four children.
  • Live in 3 different apartments and 3 different houses in 4 different cities in 2 different states..
  • Travel to Mexico, Washington, D.C., the Caribbean, and Alaska, along with smaller weekend and day trips.
  • Work for a lot of different people and companies.
  • Graduate from college (both of us).
  • Have a miscarriage.
  • Get laid off from work.
  • Bury a brother and three grandmothers.
  • Drive about 50 different cars.
  • Have 4 different dogs.
  • Have a HUGE plethora of callings.
  • Gain some weight and lose some weight.
  • Be diagnosed with a chronic illness.
  • Hold 14 Hilladays (with #15 scheduled in a few weeks).
  • See a lot of movies, change a lot of diapers, wash a lot of dishes, fix a lot of cars, mow a lot of grass, eat a lot of popcorn (and maybe a few M&M's), and do a lot of kissing.

Last night the two of us went to dinner and a movie and discussed some of our memories. And suddenly 21 years seemed like a long time. I was barely 20 when we got married, so I've been married longer than I was single (that distinction won't come for Spencer for a couple more years).

But the years have flown by, and we have been extremely happy together. We LOVE our children and enjoy them so much! We love each other and are the best of friends. I've always been able to trust him. He has always listened to me. We laugh a lot and work a lot and play a lot.

I love you, Baby! Thanks for 21 beautiful years--I think the best is yet to come!


Jess said...

Congratulations! Holy cow... I'm all proud of my short 8 years. You two are far too young to have been married that long :) Really though, I'm taking notes. You 2 have it figured out and I hope we end up just the same.

T said...

Congratulations! We are not far behind you and I agree it doesn't seem like very long until you list everything that has happened. It's a good thing---that means we have enjoyed the years and ups with the downs TOGETHER!

Jessica and Tim said...

You guys have such a great relationship. I seriously hope that in 17 years, we'll be the same way. I love reading up on how much Spence does for you and how much you love him. It's awesome.