Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Hilladay

Additional pictures are on the slideshow on the right.

Hilladay is:

A tradition that started at the end of a very stressful summer (1995).
Family, circle-the-wagons time.

An annual outing celebrating our family.

Sometimes a day outing, sometimes a vacation.

Loads of fun.

This year for Hilladay we went to the Jackson Hole, Wyoming, area. What beautiful country that is! Every single thing we did was fun: whitewater rafting, the Bar J Wranglers, horseback riding, a trip into Yellowstone (where we, sadly, did not see any bears). Our van is not a happy camper currently, so we took two vehicles loaded as fully as could be: just call us the West Jordan Hillbillies!

I love Hilladay! I recommend the Snake River KOA, Dave Hansen Whitewater Rafting, Float-ographs, The A-OK Corral, the Bar J Wranglers...

...and fun outings for every family!


Amy said...

So dang cool! Glad you went!