Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Memories of...

15 years ago today, at 8:31 p.m., our beautiful Ashtyn Sarah Hill was born. She has been a light in our family, and we are so very grateful for her beauty, charm, personality, and spirit.

Ashtyn's initials spell ASH. We were trying to avoid this because I wanted to save the name Sarah for another girl. But we loved the name too much; and in the end we were glad we gave her that beautiful name. She loves it, too.

When Ashie was about 3, Grandpa Fish came to visit. She announced to me, in a small, raspy voice: "Gwampa say me Little Wat." (Grandpa says I'm a Little Rat.)

Ashtyn has about a million nicknames. Ash, Ashes, Ashie, Sass, Sassy, Sue, Sis, and da Bow Baby are the most common.

If there are two of our children at home, and one of them is Ashtyn, we are guaranteed a night of happiness. And the house will probably be cleaner than when we left.

Ashtyn has a special friendship with Briana. She announced to us this weekend that she loves us all, but she really, really, really likes Briana. (I am trying not to let my feelings be hurt--heehee.)

Ashie loves her daddy. He was her favorite from the time she was born. She was the only one of our children who came to Daddy when she was sick or tired.

Ashtyn is beautiful, feminine, talented, and good.

Happy Birthday, Sass!


Amy said...

PLUS she makes really great cookies, and probably really great zucchinni bread too. Happy Birthday Ash!

Jacqueline said...

I agree completely! Ashtyn is the sweetest girl ever! Happy birthday Ash! Jax loves ya!