Monday, November 30, 2009

Our House Smells Like a Casino

We had Thanksgiving dinner at our house, and we cooked the turkey in the kitchen (because it was HUGE and HEAVY and we didn't want to have to lug it up the stairs from the preschool). It made a mess in the oven, which (I think) is really to be expected.

So Saturday I put the oven in lockdown and turned it onto "clean" mode. In case you don't know, this means that the oven heats up to about 9,000 degrees, and it just turns everything in the oven to ash. You wipe out the ashes and voila! your oven is clean.

Within moments of beginning the cleaning process, our upstairs was full of smoke. We opened every door and window (did you know it's REALLY cold outside right now?) and turned on every fan we could find. But too late.

In case you were wondering, turkey ashes smell like cigarette smoke. And if you try to use Febreze or other air fresheners, it smells like Febreze cigarette smoke.

Ugh. Our house stinks.


Jess said...

So... I am a bit confused because I think most people cook turkeys in the kitchen and not the preschool...
But this had me laughing. Its a love/hate thing with the self clean. Sometimes I wonder who has had their oven actually explode while in self clean mode cuz it gets seriously HOT!!