Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Spotlight On...

Landon Spencer Hill is our "baby." When he was little he would always ask me if we could have another baby because he didn't like to be the youngest. I told him that SOMEONE had to be the baby. And we're awfully glad to have our Rubber Bando in our family!

Today our "baby" is officially a teenager!

Landon has brought me an amazing amount of joy. He was my best PTA buddy for two years while I did nothing but school work. He may hold the record for most time spent in preschool--he attended all three of my classes when he was 4, and attended my afternoon classes after he got out of kindergarten when he was 5. Then during off-track times he loved to come to preschool with me.

Lando is a ham! He loves to be the center of attention. We love how confident and fearless he is. Except when he was three and wanted to jump off the roof--I didn't love that so much. He has never been afraid to ask questions when he needed clarification, and that is admirable.

Landon is one of the most happy people I've ever met. He was practically born with a smile on his face. His smile is infectious, and he genuinely finds joy in life. If the joy is at his sister's or brother's expense, all the better. :) Luckily he has Ashtyn wrapped around his little finger, and she protects him and scolds him, and things get better.

Landon wants nothing more than to be included with his older brother and sisters. As he is growing we are seeing him fit in more and more. When he was still in his baby carseat we all got loaded into the van. Spencer said, "Briana, you buckled?" "Yes." "Taylor, you buckled?" "Yes." "Ashtyn, you buckled?" "Yes." "Landon, you buckled?" And out of that tiny seat came a little "Yes." We turned around to find him just grinning in that little seat. He was so proud of himself for answering. We laughed and laughed.

Our newest teenager is a blessing to us!


Jacqueline said...

Happy Birthday to both of your boys!! We love them so much and they are just the sweetest!

Amy said...

Plus he's SMART! (remember the talk? I remember the talk. I like it.) Happy birthday to Lando! :)

The Becks said...

I am loving the "Spotlight" posts. I just might have to steal that idea! I have probably already told you this... but I love your family pictures. I love your family for that matter too!