Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Metaphor, I Think

The endowment session in the Salt Lake temple is done live, rather than with a film. I love going to the Salt Lake temple because I love the moving around, the personalities of the temple workers, the fact that the lights stay on, etc.

Yesterday our session was as full as it could be. There were literally a hundred or more people there, most of whom had been to the temple before, probably many times. And one of the ordinance workers did something wrong.

I thought, "Isn't it supposed to be opposite of that?" But I followed the leader, like a pretty little white sheep. And no one else said anything, either.

Until another ordinance worker, a woman, walked quietly over to her husband (a third ordinance worker). She whispered quietly in his ear. And he walked over to the first ordinance worker and whispered in his ear, who flushed. Then humbly he walked back to the front of the room and acknowledged that he had made a mistake which needed to be corrected. And he led us all through that section of the endowment again.

And it was beautiful. And calm. And OK.

I love the temple!


Amy said...

Mmmm I love this. With all my heart.