Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A New Job

My beautiful friend, Tahnee, got a dream chance to join the designers in the Temple Department, so that left a senior secretary opening on the 8th floor. The last time this came open I did not apply--I'm already a senior secretary, working with people I love, doing things I've really enjoyed. This time, however, it happened to come at a time when I'm ready for a bit of a challenge and a change. So I applied, and I got the job.

The men and women on 2LL have been very kind--sad that I'm leaving (I've even been lectured a few times) but very, very supportive of my opportunity. I'm sad to leave all my brothers (because that's how I think of them), but excited about the people I'll be working with on the 8th floor (more brothers!).

My 2LL manager is out of town this week, so it's kinda quiet down here. So I started some training yesterday on 8, and I will split my time between the two places for a while until they fill the vacancy I'm leaving. The job got posted yesterday. (Side note: The Church is in a hiring freeze, so most openings everywhere in the Church are being filled internally. They got approval to post this position externally. So if you know any secretaries who are interested, check out the jobs on And hurry--it will move relatively quickly.)

This is not a promotion for me. It did not come with a pay increase. It's just a change. Sometimes a change is as good as a rest.

Sorry, no pictures! :)


Becky said...

We are all addicted to the Biggest Loser too. We have been watching for five or six seasons now. It's the only TV we watch. Der is at his Stake meeting and the kids and I are faithful fans!!

Congratulations on the job move. I hope you are as happy there as at the LL. I know the 8th floor is lucky to have you that's for sure!!

Tahnee said...

You know... I'm so glad you were ready for a change and a challenge at the same this happened to me because it brings my heart so much joy to pass the baton to you. I know that you will take care of the men that I love on the 8th floor. I miss them so much and I'm only 3 floors up. It does help SOOOOO much that I know they are in VERY GOOD HANDS!