Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It Took HOW Many Phone Calls?

Landon has a raging ear infection. I was already scheduled to take the afternoon off, so I opted to take the entire day so I can get him to the doctor BEFORE Parent-Teacher Conferences this afternoon.

I called JW. Then LM. Then JB. Then DC. Then MS. Then KS. Then DM. Yup, that's how many people I'm checking in with until they can get the job on 2LL filled.

(Which, with any luck, will happen by the end of the week.)

(And yes, I know that last was not a full, complete sentence. But who talks in complete sentences, anyway?)

(Getting random. Going away now.)


Kim and Preston said...

Wow...look how responsible you are and needed! Your awesome!

Jacqueline said...

LOL. You are so funny. I love that I have NO IDEA who you called. :)

Tahnee said...

LOL! I hear ya sister. That stinks.