Sunday, February 21, 2010

The New Job

It's been quite a week. To re-cap:

They have not hired my replacement on 2LL, so I am doing double-duty between the two jobs and accomplishing exactly nothing.

We had an early meeting on Thursday, and I needed to print approximately one rain forest worth of "stuff." I saved it for the end of the day so I wouldn't hold up everyone else's print jobs. And then the printer kept jamming. I was there till 6:15 getting everything printed.

Wednesday I had a meeting with 4 men: 2 are managers I am now supporting, one is a neighbor from our stake and a nice man, and the other is a PIG (other than that, I have no opinion). I bit my tongue practically in two, and after our meeting he told one of my managers that he thinks Aundrea doesn't like him. When I was told I thought, "You have no freaking idea!" And when I came home on Wednesday I told Spencer that in 6 months' time I would either have no job or no tongue.

At the Thursday meeting, the director announced that one of my managers has been asked to be the director at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii for 2 to 3 years. He will leave in April. His obvious replacement is a man who is currently serving as a mission president, but who worked with us before he left. Let's just say that his bedside manner leaves something to be desired. He will be home in June. After a day of stress and an evening of tears (but no tears at work!!!!), I realized that I felt calm about accepting this position, and this is no reason to question that feeling of calm.

Friday I had a the best-ever conversation/devotional with one of the other managers.

Tomorrow is the beginning of another week. It's all going to be OK.


Amy said...

I love Jesse. It will be OK. It WILL be OK. No matter what that means, it will be OK.

Tahnee said...

I am seriously crying right now. It's because I know you will be okay. Regardless of EVERYTHING, you are in seriously GOOD hands with Jesse alone. That man is seriously one of my favorite people on this earth and I miss him EVERYDAY! Not only is he lucky to be in your presence everyday, but you are SO LUCKY to be in his. That man has some serious spiritual intuition. HE is the biggest part that made the decision to leave a hard one. I was afraid to leave because I really felt like he was spiritual counselor. He just always knew EXACTLY the right thing to say to me. Sometimes I didn't even have to say anything. The Lord used him everyday to bless my life and make it better. Even if in 6 months things get harder... I know you will be okay because you have him. That makes me SOOOO happy for you. And I am a little jealous. :) Jesse is someone that comes in your life and you pray he is always in it. The moral of this story is... I agree with Amy... everything will be okay. And I love you.