Monday, January 3, 2011

Best. Sunday. Ever.

The leadership of the Church decided that there will be no more activities committee.  So I was released from that. 

I went in to substitute in Primary a few weeks ago, and had a bit of a run-in with one of the children.  I was very calm (and I sincerely love her!), and the Primary president walked directly the bishopric's office.  She said, "I have asked for Aundrea about 4 times this year.  Now I am telling you.  We need her.  I am not asking.  I am telling you."  Brother Hughes agreed.  Within a week, Briana and I were released from teaching in Relief Society, and now we are team-teaching in Primary.

Yesterday was Day One.  Our ward now meets at 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., which is the best time for those of us in Primary.  The handbook for Primary leaders has changed, and our ward presidency decided that it was best to combine the junior and senior Primary.  It is now 2011.  So yesterday was a day of big changes for us and for the kids.  And I. Loved. It.  It was my week to teach.  Briana gets to teach next week.

Yeah!  Hooray!  I love Primary!


Amy said...

covet covet covet! I wanna be in your class too!

Coles Fam said...

How freaking awesome! Primary is a wonderful thing, and how fun to teach with Briana.