Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's Like Christmas!

I received a large box fromWGU several weeks ago.  It has been sitting on my cedar chest, unopened.  Here's why:  the smaller box they sent me was a webcam so I could legally take my tests.  Only, guess what?  Graduate programs only do papers.  No test-taking.  So I keep waiting for someone to contact me and say, "Uh, Aundrea?  About that webcam.  Send it back."

So, why open another box of disappointment, right?

(And also, it was Christmas and I had many, many more things to do that anything school related.)

So last night I finished writing a seriously fabulous paper.  I nailed it (but it took a long time, of course)!  And when I finished I decided to clean up my "study" (read: corner of the bedroom), so I finally opened that box.  What I found was a binder, some time-planning sheets, a pen, a party mug, a do-not-disturb door hanger, some magnets, some cool post-it notes (!), a t-shirt, a stress ball, and a picture frame. 

Dang!  I should have had that box under the tree!

The picture frame is "leatherette."  Can anyone tell me what that means?   Taylor says it is girl leather--duh, Ashley!  The frame is also stamped with the words "What keeps me going."  I think I'm gonna take a picture of the copy machine and the binders.

And BTW, I got my scored paper back today, and it was marked with many words such as "excellent," "good job," "nice discussion," etc.  Thank you very much.


Amy said...

Taylor nailed it. Excellent. Brilliant. Girl leather.

Also, Merry Christmas! Isn't it nice that someone loves you?

T said...

That first successful paper is what keeps you going! Congratulations!

Jacqueline said...

I laughed so dang hard over that county fair video. It's just hilarious. Good job on your paper! You rock!

Ann said...

Congratulations on the paper!

I taught at Westminster College for a few years and my fave students EVER were women who'd gone back to school. I loved them--they were the best students, plus they had life experience. LOVED 'em.

Kim and Preston said...

Wow Aundrea!~ What fun. YOu have got to love unexpected presents like that! What a blessing!