Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Fabulous Night

Spencer had a 10-mile run after work, and I had a manuscript to work on, so I knew I would not be seeing him for the night.  But at 7:15 he said, "I'm starving.  The kids are at their youth activities.  How about La Luna?" 

We had a tasty dinner, and the conversation was WONDERFUL.  (I LOVE it when he wants to talk!)  (And plus, he's my best friend, did you know?)  (And also, he's really cute!)

When we got home, Ash and Landon and Logan were just getting home from YM/YW activities.  Taylor and Lindsey were at the counter having some pizza together.  We all stood and talked for a bit, and then I said, "I love you all.  Very much.  Clean up after yourselves.  Make sure the cat is out.  Open our door when you go to bed." 

I worked on my manuscript while Spencer showered and prepared for bed.  At 10:00 I turned off the lights and hit the sack HARD.

Best. Night. Ever.